Severe Weather Safety

Severe weather can mean the potential for power outages. Now is the time to check the gauges on your standby generator and other propane ran appliances. We can help make sure you have plenty of fuel to weather the storm, quickly and at the best price possible.

Please keep your driveways, walkways, fuel tanks and heating exhaust vents clear of ice and snow.

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During the winter season when propane is keeping you and your family warm, it is also critically important to be mindful of how propane gets to your home. To ensure safe access to your fuel tank, please keep snow and ice cleared from your driveway and mark with a flag or a pole for easy location in snow. Remember, our fuel delivery trucks are longer, wider and much taller than a passenger car, so please keep bushes and branches trimmed and allow for safe turn-around spots, if applicable.

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You should also do your best to clear appliance vents, chimneys and flues of snow and ice so appliances can vent properly. This is especially critical on the roofs of mobile homes. Customers should clear snow carefully, using a broom rather than a shovel to avoid damaging any components of the propane supply system or heating venting equipment.

Click here to download our Severe Weather Safety Checklist.