Benefits of Propane

Find out all that propane can bring to your home

Benefits of Propane in Your Home

Are you building a new home somewhere in our Services Area of 'Tanana and Healy'? Or perhaps you are renovating your existing home.

Versatile, Safe, Practical.

When compared to other fuels, propane is versatile and safe, making it a practical choice. Plus, it can fuel all of the amenities you enjoy most, like your fireplace or pool! Let Wilcox Energy help you fuel your happy place.

While you’re deciding between 'Tanana and Healy' for the bathrooms, picking out paint colors and doing all the paperwork that goes with these projects, there’s something else you can do that will enhance the quality of life in your home both indoors and out.

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That something else is using propane in your home!

'Get Propane Now' can help with that. Not only do we provide propane conversion services, we also install propane tanks, provide dependable propane delivery and sell, install, maintain and repair a wide range of propane appliances, including furnaces, boilers, water heaters, fireplaces and hearths.

Clean-burning, energy-efficient, versatile: What’s not to love about propane?

Many people know propane can be used for home heating. But they don’t know that propane’s high efficiency can lower their heating costs.

Propane ranges, cooktops and ovens offer instant, precise temperature control that improves what you cook in a way you’ll never get with an electric stove.

And when it comes to water heating, propane can’t be beat. It heats water faster than electricity for 30% less cost!
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You Can Use Propane For:

  • Home heating
  • Water heating
  • Gas logs, fireplaces and stoves
  • Gas cooking, including ovens and stovetops
  • Clothes drying
  • Space heaters for three-season rooms and garages
  • Tiki torches
  • Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
  • Gas grills
  • Emergency backup generators
  • Pool heaters
  • Hot tub heaters

A propane clothes dryer gets your laundry dry faster and with fewer wrinkles. That’s right, less ironing!

Propane space and wall heaters make spaces like your sunporch, garage and shed comfortable and usable any time of year.

If you use propane for your BBQ grill, you know about its ease and convenience. Grilling with propane is faster from start to finish than charcoal, you get great results and there are no messy ashes to clean up when you’re done.

That’s just the beginning of what propane can do in your great outdoors. It can heat your pool or spa, provide cozy gathering spots with propane fireplaces and firepits, let you enjoy your backyard longer with patio and deck heaters, create a great atmosphere with outdoor gaslighting and keep the bugs away with insect zappers.

You can have these benefits no matter where you live. That’s because you aren’t dependent on having natural gas lines in your neighborhood. Even if you live way out in the country, you can enjoy what propane brings to your home.

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